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Friday, October 12, 2012


Jen Delyth's Tree of Life design with some additional Celtic heart knotwork.
Bookmark and ShareWith just a few hours left before we close the donation box up and start putting the draw tickets into the drum, you've got a brief chance left to get in on the action!  Our beautiful West Coast Eisteddfod 2012 lovespoon could be yours for just ONE DOLLAR!   Every dollar you donate (just go to the donate box at the top right of the page) entitles you to one ticket in the draw.  The more dollars you can spare, the more tickets and chances you will get!!   It's easy and safe to donate and you won't be hassled with spam or requests for more money!!  
As I look over the pictures of the completed spoon, it's hard to believe that it all came from this one elegant design of Jen Delyth's!   Her 'Tree of Life" design seemed perfect for our 4th year theme of, "Celebrate Your Roots" and now that its done I can whole-heartedly say it IS perfect!!!
From whence it all began!
Now the hard work starts
So with a humble cherry plank and a design which Laura and I had debated back and forth (with rather more civility and decorum than has been seen on the US political scene lately) until we had it 'just right', work began in earnest!  Laura took the bowl end and I went for the top end so that we could each try the sections of the spoon which appealed to each of us the most.   Laura made a beautiful job of the 4 balls running in their little organic cage and after an interminable wait while the spoon wended its laborious way through the labyrinthine caverns of Canada Customs, I got cracking on the 'Tree of Life' and the little dragon, leaves and stars detail of the spoon's crown section.
Hey Presto!!  One Eisteddfod spoon!
It took a little longer than we expected for the spoon to get to me and it made things considerably more exciting as I raced the clock to get it ready in time for this year's West Coast Eisteddfod event in Portland on October 13th.   But as you can see from the pic, we got it done and the spoon has been sent registered, insured and tracking numbered by Express Post!  If the postal services of Canada and the US are anywhere near as good as their word, the package should hit Portland today!!
So there it is....this year's Eisteddfod spoon is ready to go to its new home!   To everyone who has donated, Laura and I wish you the very best luck in winning!!!  To those of you who haven't donated, hit that DONATE button now!!!!

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