Saturday, August 4, 2018

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Over the years, I have been enormously fortunate to enjoy the enthusiastic support of a wonderful woodcarving magazine.  Funnily enough, it is called Wood Carving Magazine, which is both easy to remember and gets straight to the point!  I've published a number of articles in their pages ranging from design oriented articles like the one above, to examinations of particular lovespoon styles, to 'how to' exercises.

It can be difficult to generate interest in the carving community when you mention you are a lovespoon carver.  I'm not sure if the spectre of mass produced souvenir tat clouds people's judgement or if the art of lovespoon carving just simply isn't as popular as I imagine it to be...whatever the case, it can be hard to find magazines willing to take lovespoon articles on board.

So it has been a great pleasure to work with Wood Carving over the last couple of years to produce a wide range of articles on a variety of lovespoon topics.  If you are at all interested in lovespoons and the lovespoon tradition, I suggest digging into their back copies and seeing what you've been missing!

I am passionate about lovespoons and enjoy any opportunity to talk them up, but I have to tell you, seeing my ideas, thoughts and creations leap off a magazine page is REALLY exciting stuff!!  To know that other carvers are running with my suggestions and creating works of their own is also extremely gratifying!

I can't overstate the importance of support from publications like Wood Carving.  Not only does it validate what I do, it also inspires me to think of other ways I can expand the lovespoon tradition and reach more people.  Publications like this enable thousands of interested readers to be exposed to traditional and very non-traditional work in a way that will hopefully broaden their knowledge AND their interest.  That can only be good for lovespoon carving!!