Monday, April 7, 2014

A Political Comment

Bookmark and ShareThis is the first time I've ever done 'political commentary' with a lovespoon!  But I couldn't resist and call it, "Left, Right and Centre"
I just couldn't help but notice that just like politics, the closer you get to the extremes, the narrower and crazier things become.  The middle ground, however, stays beautiful, full and balanced.  

And there it is.  Everything you need to know about politics spelled out in one easy to understand visual graphic!

Actually, I'm kidding about the politics.  Politicians are idiots and so are we for ever believing that any of them actually mean one word of what they say!

What this really is, is a modern version of the traditional double bowled wedding spoon.  In many European cultures, double bowled spoons were presented at the wedding feast and the newly- married couple would take their first meal together using it.  In some places the spoons would have bowls which protruded at wild and impractical angles, no doubt causing great merriment when the couple unsuccessfully attempted to use them!

In other places, the use of the double spoon was a much more solemn occasion and the bowls would be arranged to make eating easy and like this one, romantic.   This spoon is VERY loosely based on a little Tirolean wedding spoon which featured bowls at opposite ends of the handle and which would have made that first shared morsel a very poignant moment!

The spoon itself is carved from a scrap of beautifully figured broadleaf maple.  The rough dimensions of the scrap dictated the overall shape of the spoon, but those sexy bowls were my idea and I take full credit for them!   The little maple stand lets the spoon be shown to best effect and along with the 'pagoda' sides of the handle lends the design a bit of an Asian feel.

Alas, as in politics, there's a bit of a crack in one of the extremes, so the spoon will not be going up for sale.  Unlike politics, lovespoon carving aint all about the money!!