Monday, January 21, 2013

Valentine's Day Bouquets

This year I used the quiet time between Christmas and Valentine's Day to carve some lovespoons for the 'last minute' Valentine's romantics. For the most part, I have kept the designs pretty traditional, although there are a couple of nice Celtic ones in the mix as well! If you want to give your sweetie something really nice that is hand made and VERY romantic, you won't do better than this. With prices ranging from 30 to 300 dollars, you won't break the bank and you'll be a total STAR!!
Simple Traditional style lovespoons (from left to right) Long twin heart spoon in mahogany 30 USD Long twin heart spoon in maple 30 USD Traditional hearts and circles in birch 40 USD Traditional hearts and circles in cherry 40 USD Small romantic panel spoon in spalted maple 45 USD
More complex designs (from left to right) Long twin heart spoon with curved handle in birch 65 USD Elegant tradition fretted in broadleaf maple 65 USD Elegant traditional fretted in Pacific yew 80 USD Traditional style square panel in broadleaf maple 85 USD
3 lovely traditional panel style Welsh lovespoons Left) Crossed spades indicates a willingness to work and provide . Traditional symbols hearts (love), diamonds (prosperity) key-hole (you hold the key to my heart, commas (soul symbols) circular pattern (eternal love) carved from birch 150 USD Centre) Eternal circle with hearts indicating eternal love. This spoon could be further personalized with the addition of initials/dates etc. 100 USD Right) Celtic heart spoon with circle of soul symbols and a graceful Celtic eternal ring surrounding a heart. Lots of romance going on here! Basswood 200 USD
Miscellaneous styles in a variety of woods (left to right) Traditional long fretted spoon in Pacific yew. 100 USD Elaborate Celtic knot with a raised heart in cherry 250 USD Panel spoon with Celtic eternal ring and lots of room for personalizing! 175 USD Modern Celtic knot with crescent moon shaped bowl. Carved from birch 250 USD.
Celtic Cinnamon Buns. This romantic Celtic swirl design is carved from recycled old growth Douglas Fir milled from old bridge timbers. The arrow straight grain of the fir sets off the sweeping curves of the Celtic knotwork perfectly. This is a spoon for a real romantic!! 300 USD I've said it before and I'll say it again; if you can find a toaster, plasma tv or box of chocolates ANYWHERE that comes even remotely close to the romance of one of my lovespoons, I'll lay down my tools and never cut another chip!!!!! If you'd like to order one of these beautiful little spoons please email me at: Bookmark and Share

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Valentine's Day is coming!!!

Bookmark and ShareI know that it seems unseemly close to the end of Christmas, but if you are one of those romantic folks who desires something a bit more special than the old bog-standard overpriced wilting roses or boxed chocolates, its time to get your lovespoon order in!
I make these beauties completely by hand and that takes time...sometimes a LOT of time!!  So, while I greatly appreciate any and all orders I receive, the ones which come in on the evening of February 13 generally go away empty-handed and disappointed.
Glory comes to the decisive!!
You really can't do better than a hand-crafted lovespoon if you are looking for a Valentine's gift which truly says, "I love you".

It doesn't have to be over-the-top, but being a bit sentimental never hurts at this time of the year!!  A well designed and crafted lovespoon allows you to let your heart run riot while keeping your dignity intact.  There is literally no end to the ideas which can be conveyed through this beautiful medium...the only limit is your imagination (and your budget, if I am brutally honest).
Whether you are a traditionalist and like to see your lovespoons reflect a more conservative taste (as in the pair of spoons shown below) or whether you like to go 'out there' a bit and be a bit more freewheeling (as with the Stylized Heron spoon shown to the right) I can help you realize your vision.
Valentine's Day is a day for passion and lovespoons get the job done!!

So while I apologize for not giving you any breathing room between Christmas and Valentines Day, you will thank me when your custom designed and hand-made lovespoon is reaping the credits and you are the star of the day!!
Then you too could be tangoing into the sunset like the lovely couple below!!