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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Nearly There!!

With less than a week to go before the 2012 West Coast Eisteddfod kicks off, here's another look at our incredible lovespoon for all of those 'undecided' donors out there!!  If you haven't yet donated a buck or two (or more) to the Eisteddfod, you are going to miss out on a chance to win this spoon for your very own!!!   Each dollar you donate equals one ticket for our big raffle draw during this years Eisteddfod event... the more you donate, the better your odds become!
This is quite possibly the best lovespoon we have carved for the Eisteddfod (although we love them all) and I think that Laura and I are going from strength to strength as we perfect our designing and carving teamwork!!The detailing on this year's spoon is exquisite!  Laura spent many painstaking hours going over my crude sketches to refine the knotwork and perfect her sinuous vine details.  The results of her dedication are plain to see!!!

Our little Welsh dragon strikes a brave (but not unfriendly) pose as he guards over the spoon, his tongue and tail weaving through the 4 Canadian maple leaves and 4 American stars which symbolize the international nature of the Eisteddfod.  Everything is carved on both sides, so this spoon looks great both from the front, or if you hang it up wrong, from the back too!!
This may well be my favourite part of the spoon!   Look at that gorgeous cherry bowl and the way the grain sweeps through it...fabulous!!!  The 4 balls in the organic cage (representing the 4 years of the Eisteddfod) are a carving triumph for Laura.  The detailing and finishing are perfect and I guarantee, the winner of this spoon will spend many hours rolling the little balls back and forth and enjoying the silky feel of the wooden vinework!
And here's one more look at Jen Delyth's beautiful tree of life design which she so very kindly allowed us to use as the focal point for this years Eisteddfod spoon.  I think this lovely tree with its interlocking branches and leaves is the perfect symbol for our Eisteddfod lovespoon...arts and artists coming together in a spirit of cooperation to create an artwork of exceptional beauty!  How sweet is THAT?    

As an additional bonus...the winner of this year's spoon will also receive an exculusive copy of Chris Chandler's poem on celebrating your roots (which was the inspiration for this year's spoon) printed with a high rez graphic background designed by Jen Delyth!   This is a great prize on its own!!!!

So please head to the Donate box at the top right of this page and get involved for your chance to win this beautiful spoon!!   Time is ticking at a brisk rate and you'll kick yourself if that annoying neighbour of yours who always wins everything takes this home too, just because you didn't enter!!!

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  1. What a mindblowing piece of work!

  2. ( NOTE ON DONATING: Go to the 'Donate' button in the right hand column on this page. A PayPal dialog page will open. Select your amount ... 1 dollar = 1 ticket in the draw ... after you make your payment you can use the memo field to indicate that your donation is for tickets in the spoon raffle. If you do not use the memo field we will assume that you are donating for a chance to win the spoon and award your tickets anyway. The draw will be held publicly at the West Coast Eisteddfod at the Multnomah Arts Center on October 13th in Portland Oregon.. The winner will receive their prize by mail unless they are present in the audience. We hope to film the draw and post the video on AmeriCymru. If you live in Portland and wish to buy tickets for the WCE please go to this page :- http://www.storyforgestudios.com/americymru/directory/events