Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Bookmark and Share It's Valentine's Day and those who had their acts together are rolling in the clover today! I couldn't give the game away by showing any Valentine's commissions before today, but I'm very excited to show a little selection of the wonderful spoons I was fortunate to carve for some really thoughtful and very romantic clients!! I'm particularly taken with this first one...especially since it feature's the famous Liver Bird, the symbol of Liverpool and more important, Liverpool FC!! A gift from a woman to a man, this spoon is a bit more 'masculine' but still retains a lot of romantic imagery which is personal to the couple. I love it! This is a spoon which truly says, "You'll Never Walk Alone!" This design really works for Valentine's, even if it isn't awash in lovey-dovey stuff. I think the elegant heart-shaped bowl and the heart link say everything that needs saying romance-wise and the endless Celtic knot of the handle is a perfect metaphor for 'eternal love'. Simple, elegant and beautiful...just like a Valentine's romance should be! I know I just showed off the Celtic Flower a few posts back, but I absolutely love this spoon! It isn't too flamboyant, but it IS a wonderful and evocative spoon....and best of all; it will never wilt! It's the Valentine's Day gift that will keep on giving forever! Now that Valentine's Day has arrived and the rush is over, I'll start focussing a bit more on this year's Eisteddfod spoon. It's year 5 for both the Eisteddfod and the annual raffle lovespoon which helps raise needed funds to support the event. Laura Jenkins Gorun is on board again this year and we are currently plotting this year's lovespoon adventure. We are thrashing out some ideas and are pretty jazzed at some of the crazy stuff we've been coming up with! This year's spoon will definitely be another step forward in our continuing exploration of lovespoon design! Hold on to your hats, but let go of your wallets! You'll want to buy some tickets for THIS one!!

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