Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Perfect Time for Lovespoons

Bookmark and Share Its nearly Valentine's Day...that most perfect time of the year for the lovespoon to really shine! I won't bang on about it, but if you think your poxy bouquet of over-priced flowers or tacky boxed chocs is ever going to come anywhere near to THIS kind of romance, think again!!! Alas, unless you live in BC, you're too late for this year, but I guarantee that one of my hand-carved lovespoons is always the way to score a big bullseye when you want to be a REAL romantic. If you missed out this year, get on the list for next! It's never too early to start planning when you are creating something as beautiful and poignant as a lovespoon! To show you what you missed out on being able to give to your sweetie AND to inspire you for your own lovespoon, here's a little gallery of romantic 'moments' from some of my lovespoons.
Things don't have to become overly complicated to make sure a romantic message really gets across. These heart links pretty much say it all!
Two bowls joined together say, "We two are as one". Beat THAT with a toaster!!
"Cariad" says sweetheart in Welsh...but you don't have to be Welsh to be romantic (although it certainly helps). Say it in French, Mandarin, Farsi or even in English; everyone likes receiving a love note!
Ahhh, lovespoons are definitely "Muy bueno!!" Still prefer 'Pot of Gold'?....
then I can't help you!!! But if you want to say something really meaningful through a beautiful, one-of-a-kind artwork which comes backed by centuries of tradition, then I'm the guy to help you out!

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