Friday, April 16, 2010

Re-arranging things...

sketch of lovespoon design My immediate thought when I saw Dave's drawing with the knotwork tied in with the eagle's tail was that the knotwork would make a lovely central part of the spoon. I share Dave's appreciation for the message that Celtic knotwork conveys - forever and Celtic heritage, among other things. Cymru am byth! (Wales forever!) Seems like a good central message for this spoon! I made several different drawings, arranging, re-arranging, changing sizes.... all sorts of things.

Here is where I arrived:
I am still unsure about the top half- I like the idea of vinework wrapping around the flat frame-like part. I still was unsure of how I wanted to do flowers, or if we should even try a couple daffodils instead, but moving the knotwork into the middle would leave room at the top for Dave and I to do something together. Also, above the knotwork, I added a little twist that I seem to do in a lot of my designs. I thought it might be a good transition from Dave's style to mine. I also drew a couple simple vines, still tying the knot into the eagle's tail, and behind the frame, also into the wing. Before I went too far working on ideas for the top, though, I wanted Dave's thoughts about moving the knotwork into the middle. If he likes this, and doesn't miss the circle in the middle too much, then we can work on the top part next. We'll see what Dave thinks...

- Laura

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  1. Really like this now! Seems well balanced and of great interest all around. Especially like the combination of the American Bald Eagle and the Welsh Dragon! The knot work in the center is very exciting.

  2. REALLY like this design Laura and David. Like the use of the American Bald Eagle and the Welsh Dragon as well as the knots in the middle. Will be so much fun to watch this develop.