Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Bookmark and ShareWith Christmas just around the corner, what better time to think about a beautiful lovespoon for your sweetie...or even for your spouse!  If you want something really unique and handmade, then I'm your man.   Each and every lovespoon is designed, carved and finished by me, and me alone!  The woods are all locally grown and if not salvage are from windfalls.  If you want to support a small business, then again, I'm your man.
If you'd rather some plastic, wireless, soulless crap from China, then you've stumbled across the wrong page.

Every one of these spoons is currently available (but with any luck they'll sell quick, so don't hang around if you want one!) and I do have a few others that I haven't photographed yet.  As I do most of my carving to custom order, I don't keep a catalogue of designs.  Whatever pops out of my head is what will wind up on here!  Prices for the above spoons vary from about 75 dollars to 450 with all points  between.  If one strikes your fancy, drop me a line and I'll let you know more.

Big thanks to everyone who has supported me over the years!!!!


  1. Argh! I didn't realize I had to fill in the "Comment as" field before I wrote my comment. Sigh.

    Anyway. Some very cool and varied designs here. Only to be expected. ;)

    In the second photo is a narrow(er) panel spoon with a round fretwork top, two heart cut-outs, six solid hearts arranged in a circle, a six-armed rosette at the bottom flanked by two diamonds. (Do I sense a two-and-six theme here? Perfect for a couple with six children. Or three couples that are very close? [Make of that what you will!]) Between the six hearts and the rosette are two cut-outs that I don't recognize. They look like what I would call a dutchman, a device for pulling together two slightly warped boards. Or perhaps the couple is Dutch??? So what are they? Inquiring minds want to know.


  2. а на мой взгляд не надо искать символизма это просто очень красивые ложки , конечно же можно сделать ложку с символикой на разные темы (свадьба ,юбилей или что там еще ) ,но на мой взгляд больше половины людей не увидят этого ,все видят красивую ложку не более того .
    А вообще глядя на вас я начал тоже делать ложки ) некоторые я просто копирую с ваших )