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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Perfect Christmas!!

Bookmark and ShareChristmas is approaching rapidly and that means postal service will be slowing down any day now!  If you're in the market for an 'immaculately conceived' gift this year, you can do no better than one of my beautiful 'ready-to-go' lovespoons!!   I have a wide range of designs available to suit almost every taste and budget!
These are but a sample of the stunning spoons I currently have on hand!   All individually handcrafted by yours truly to my exacting standards, these are NOT souvenir bric-a-brac... they are the real deal!!!
Some can be further customized with initials or dates for that extra personal touch...some are 'as you see them'.

But one thing is absolutely for sure....no matter which spoon you select, from the simplest economy model up to the 'full-flash' show-stoppers, they are ALL works of art which should have you in the good books for the Christmas season and for years to come!!   You simply can't get more romantic than this!!!!

My traditional designs get you as close as it is possible to get to the antique lovespoons of yore without going to an antique auction!!!  My contemporary designs are unlike any others being carved anywhere! Again...these are the real deal!!!

Even in a blurry kak-handed photo like this one, they look amazing, so imagine what they look like in real life!!    Time is a ticking though!!  Pretty soon it will be too late for shipping and you'll be back to giving toasters and fluffy pajamas..... Do you really want to be THAT person??

Contact me at:  lovespoons@shaw.ca  to find out what is currently available!!

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