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Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy St. David's Day

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Today is the day Welshmen like myself celebrate our patron saint and all things Welsh! Although we Welsh go almost unnoticed against our more visible Scottish and Irish cousins, we do have a few things to offer the world. Not the least of these is the vibrant and beautifully romantic lovespoon. As a Welshman blessed with an ability to carve these wonderfully poignant tokens of love, I feel it my responsibility to make each and every one of my spoons a worthy champion of the tradition! Even when I carving a very simple design such as this little Welsh dragon and the Welsh word for sweetheart, 'cariad'; I believe that I have a duty to my traditions and Welsh people past, present and future to make my spoons the most elegant and lovely I can.

 I'm very proud to be Welsh and I'm even prouder that I can carve lovespoons which bring pleasure and joy to my clients!! On this day of the Welsh, I give thanks for this rich tradition and for everyone who appreciates it!

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