Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mair's Beautiful Tree

One of the great things about lovespoons is that the process of their creation  allows for a great deal of client involvement.   In fact, the more my clients are involved in the design of the spoon, the more likely it becomes that I can capture something which really says, ‘them’.
Every now and then a client comes along who already knows exactly what should be carved and presents a sketch or idea which is pretty much ‘ready to go’.  Such was the case with this lovely tree design by Mair Underwood.  After we had swapped ideas back and forth for a while, Mair sent this lovely design which she felt really captured her relationship and which was, for her, full of meaning.  Not only that, it makes a truly beautiful lovespoon!!
Its also the first design I’ve done where the spoon is made to hang horizontally rather than vertically as is customary.
I really love this elegant little spoon and I hope that inspires you to design a lovespoon of your own (or work with me to create one if you aren’t as handy with a pencil as Mair!!).

While we wait for the West Coast Eisteddfod Lovespoon to clear customs, please look back over some of Laura's progress reports to see how the spoon is shaping up and see some excellent pics of its progress so far!!  Please also consider donating a buck or two to the West Coast Eisteddfod for your opportunity to win the completed spoon!!!

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