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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The New Partner

I've got a new partner at David Western Lovespoons! Morris, the scruffy hound, has taken on an executive position as the company 'muscle'. Any clients of mine who forget to make prompt payment upon receiving their lovespoons can look forward to getting a knock at the door if Morris gets ticked off!
So far though, Morris has been limiting his apprentice activities to judiciously sniffing the carvings, licking the occasional bit of dust off the workbench and chewing the chisel handles when I'm not paying enough attention to him.
He's even taken a bit of a shine to lovespoon design and routinely joins me at the drafting table where he indulges his passions for eating my erasors, delicately nibbling on the corners of my drawing paper and satisfying his newly acquired taste for graphite pencils.
It is in the area of finishing that I truly expect him to shine though. He already displays exemplary skill finding the smoothest sections of the spoons and likes to help polish them for me by laying his generously fur covered body on them whenever possible. He is especially good at buffing out beeswax polishes with his tongue. Alas, sometimes his enthusiasm means there is very little wax left for polishing, but this is just inexperience showing and I am confident he will learn to exercise restraint as he gets more used to the work.
I'm proud to welcome Morris into the family business and I look forward to at least the next decade working together to bring our clients dramatic and wonderful handmade lovespoons!!
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  1. Let me be one of the first to welcome Morris to the wonderful world of love spoons! Hope you and he have a long and productive partnership.

    Bob Tinsley

  2. I'm tellin' ya - just don't turn your back on him with a spoon! I learned my lesson the hard way when my girl chewed a chunk out of a loose link when I turned my back for a minute to get a glass of water, and she was pretending to just sleep quietly on the sofa! Welcome, Morris! :)