Wednesday, July 21, 2010


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I've had a request for some 'profile' shots of the Left Coast Eisteddfod lovespoon. So for any carvers in the crowd or those who are interested in seeing what one of these things looks like from the side. Here is a detail shot of the bowl end of the spoon. Unfortunately it is hard to get a shot which accurately shows the doming of the front face as well as the 'swan-neck' effect of the bowls joining the handle.
Showing the spoon from the bowl end again, this occasionally in focus shot at least gives an idea of the lateral curve this spoon has. This doming seems to really bring Celtic knotwork to life and should help our little dragon and eagle look a bit more vibrant!

For those with a thing for blurry photos, today is your lucky day! This one shows the extent of the doming from the crown end. Not a terribly exciting photo, but I can tell you that getting a spoon curved like this without blowing it up has its challenges!!

Hopefully, some of you are wondering what the hell the spoon is actually shaping up to look like! Well, wonder no more! I've finished the front face of the dragon and the knotwork...I've also finished the daffodil but the camera is acting up so no pics this week. The birch is coming up beautifully with some nice little colour streaks and a good, consistant grain. It is a pleasure to carve!
With the front face done, I have to carefully redraw all the 'over and under' lines for the knotwork on the back face. Care and caution are required here as it is remarkably easy to mess up the lines and make a right-old ballsup of things if even just one gets out of whack!
Some shallow cutting brings up the knotwork and still leaves me an escape route if I make an error and have to change a knot. Having that little bit of extra material to play with can be a lifesaver if there is a mistake made!
With the spoon starting to show its potential, I would like to once again make a plea for donations! The Left Coast Eisteddfod needs your support and in exchange for every dollar you donate, will give you an opportunity to win this spoon.

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