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Friday, August 14, 2009

Dragon the Line

At long last, the Left Coast Eisteddfod Dragon is done! And here he is in all his 150-year -old, walnut splendor! He is a handsome chappie, I'll give him that! His abalone eyes are dazzlingly radiant and the richness of the walnut grain gives the bowls and his wings a lovely glow and shimmer. He is everything I had hoped he would be and I feel great pride in having created this lovespoon in support of the Left Coast Eisteddfod.

Now, if I were Catherine Zeta Jones, Cerys Matthews, Tom Jones, Anthony Hopkins or any of the other myriad of famous Welsh, I'd be asking myself why I don't have a stunning lovespoon like this in my house. I'd be wondering what kind of Taff would miss the opportunity to own a proper, tidy lovespoon like this one especially when supporting the Left Coast Eisteddfod means supporting a little bit of Wales overseas. I'd say. "Count me in, I want to support the Eisteddfod and win that lovely spoon!"

But I wouldn't just be thinking that if I was a famous Welshman....EVERYONE of Welsh ancestry or with any interest in Wales and its traditions has an opportunity to get involved in supporting the establishment of a wonderful Welsh cultural event here in North America. Your support is what will enable the Left Coast Eisteddfod to grow and will showcase more and more of the rich talent that the Welsh community has brought to this continent.

I hope that you have enjoyed following the creation of this spoon and that it will inspire you to become involved with the Left Coast Eisteddfod!

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  1. He is absolutely beautiful, Dave!

  2. Change it to Celt or Pict and I 'm included.
    Be that as it may as you know as far as spoons are concerned your the man Davie.