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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Forming the silhouette

After a rather frustrating 'down time' due to a computer virus, I've got my photo file back and can resume spoon blog entries!

I've now glued a photocopy of the spoon design to the wood and have roughed out the overall shape of the spoon with a scroll saw. Unfortunately, you can't see much yet as all the good stuff is hidden under a layer of paper. But for me, I can see the wood left behind and I have a good idea of what awaits me when I start carving! When I flip the piece over, the proportions seem right and I am confident that the various vagaries of the wood grain will line up where I want them.

The second picture is a close-up showing an old dowel which must have linked the panel this spoon was cut from to another in bygone days. The dowel won't be seen when viewing the final product from straight-on but it will be visible on the side view. I have decided not to bother trying to remove it and repatching it with a walnut plug though. This old dowel's inclusion in the spoon won't do any harm structurally or visually, but it will lend some quirky charm and will be a good talking point! After all, how many people have a dowel which is potentially a hundred and fifty years old in their lovespoon!!

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  1. Your work is lovely; this spoon is going to be beautiful.

    Wanted to stop by and thank you for running the ad for my blog Parental Instincts today.

    It looks great, and I'm pleased to be featured on such a great looking site.

    Have a good day!

  2. Really beautiful work, absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing your process here. I'd never seen before and it's really fantastic.