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Friday, October 31, 2008

About David Western

Welsh lovespoon carver David WesternDavid Western has been creating in wood for over 20 years. His works have been sought by collectors all over the world, including on display at the St Fagans National Museum of History in Wales. David has taught lovespoon carving for many years and is the author of Fine Art of Carving Lovespoons: Understanding, Designing, and Carving Romantic Heirlooms.

"My lovespoons are carved entirely by hand using only domestic North American woods. I feel our native timbers easily rival any tropical hardwood for beauty and colouration. Using sustainable, easily grown lumber such as alder and maple allows me to avoid contributing toward the denuding of tropical rain forests.

Book cover entitled Fine Art of Lovespoon Carving by David Western"Lovespoon carving is my passion. I constantly strive to expand the boundaries of design while creating unique and innovative carvings which respect and honour the tradition of the Welsh lovespoon. My lovespoons are not souvenir trinkets; they are art which also celebrates both my client's personal stories and my hard-earned skills as a craftsman and designer. I believe the romantic, thoughtful, hand-crafted lovespoon still has an important role to play in our increasingly sterile and pre-fabricated society. My goal is to continue the tradition of the lovespoon while introducing it to as wide an audience as possible both within and beyond the Welsh community."

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1 comment:

  1. David
    You do a fantastic job on your detail of your art and your instructions in the fine art of spoon carving. I have never seen anything better. Keep it up.