Friday, May 10, 2019

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With wedding season once again rapidly approaching, its time to get your orders in if you are hoping to have a set of these beauties for your big day!  I'm one of the few carvers who still makes these wonderful spoons (completely by hand) following the time honoured designs.  

I offer EXCEPTIONAL value and immaculate wedding spoons are second to none...and I can carve them at a variety of price points to suit just about any budget.

Spoons shown from left to right at 250 USD, 300 USD and 350 USD price levels.

I can carve them with or without initials, the traditional 'glibber' faces and kolrosing.  I can also carve them from a variety of beautiful timbers including birch and big leaf maple.  Whatever style and whatever timber, they will be exquisite!!

Contact me at: today to order your set!!

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  1. I want to buy a pair of the lovespoons. Please contact me at Thank you!